Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pot Painting

Fabric Paintings

Fabric painting done on my student's shirt

Fabric painting done on a bag

My students work

Paper Jewerly done by my student Master Divya Soruban.
He participated in Jewelry making competition in his school and did this piece

Paper Jewelry done by My student Ms. Kavipriya

Paper Jewelry done by My student Mrs. Vijayalakshmi

Paper quilling by my student Harini Krithika

Paper Quilling by My student Ms. Afra

Crafts by my student Rani Aunty

Sea shells crafts

Paper Jewelry

Terracotta Jewelry

Clay Models

Glitter painting on a black chart

3D effect painting on white board

Thormocol balls painting

Sponge Doll

Painting using, disposable cups flowers, chart paper, acrylic colours and tea powder

Painting using acylic colours, pearl metalic colours, chamki, glitter 3d outliner, kundan stones and pearls.

Painting highlighted with 3d liner

Painting on black chart

Painting highlighted with Match stick and pista shell.

Face Mask

Free Hand drawing and colouring

Stain glass painting on mirror

Greeting cards

Glass painting on OHP sheet

Reverse Glass Painting

Glass Painting

Emboss Painting on Velvet Cloth

Garland using old pearls and satin roses

Cotton Craft

Ceramic Pot Painting

M-seal Pot Painting

Mirror and Jardhosi Pot Painting

Glitter Work Photo Frame

Aarti Plates